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A while back, I went to visit Madi in her studio in Biarritz, one she shares with other amazing talents Marynn Marynn and Koralie. On entering I was pleasantly
assaulted with raw creativity, something that I had missed for a while. Warmly greeted by youth and optimism, I had coffee and chats like I had known Madi forever.
Her best friend Marynn was there too joining the conversation every now and again. I was struck by Madi’s style of work, kind of surrealist and abstract but very
intricate and detailed. There was a lot of black and white doodle style drawings but her large scale paintings were brightly coloured and vibrant.
After studying in Belgium Madi moved to the south of France where her beautiful work continues to develop and evolve -


Hey there! Where does the name 'Madi' come from? 

Madi is my middle name, it’s actually Madeleine, she’s used to be my great grand mother. I added the “Little” at my first exhibition because I was intimidated. I actually called myself “Madi” right now.

What brought you to the SW of France?

Life! I spent most of my life in the south of France, I travelled a little but fell in love with the Basque Country when I was a kid. I found Biarritz the perfect balance for a quiet routine full of nature & energy.
This city is fulfilling and its gives me the strength to travel often.

You've done work for some pretty big names, was it your intention for your illustrations/paintings to become popular within board sports?

Not at all but I guess my work speaks to this kind of world.

Do you surf/skate/snowboard?

I’m a terrible surfer but I love to go with my friend Marynn when it’s sunny and there are baby waves.

What was it like to be asked to do a mural for KS wave pool?

It’s amazing! It’s kind of the dream opportunity to paint with your best friend and spend a week in this magical place. The wave is really impressive. You feel really lucky to be there.
But nothing would have happened without John Moore from Outer Known. He’s an incredible person who gave us our chance, so a huge thanks to him.

You do a lot of work stateside, how are they different to your european counterparts?

I always loved traveling and especially speaking in English. New-York remains my favourite city and I already plan to return there soon. What fills me when I work abroad is this feeling of renewal, everything is possible.

What do you prefer working on murals, paintings or tattoos?

PAINTINGS! No actually it’s more like a balance. I love painting on mural and tattooing is like a break for me, I focus on something different. I think it’s the perfect balance for me because I love to break my routine.

What/who/where inspires you?

I guess I’m inspired by my environment. I can be moved by a feeling, a song, someone who smile at me, it’s really random. The painting process is necessary in my life, it's my language, I feel a strong need to express myself through compositions. It's the perfect compromise because I can escape into a world of symbolic without any filter.

You can see more of Madi’s beautiful work here:

Bio pic by Thomas Lodin

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