Life Lessons: Taking the Piss

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There are three sorts of people who surf, those that pee in their wetsuit, those that don't wear wetsuits and pee freely in boardies/swimsuits, and those that lie about peeing in their wetsuits.

I can sit here and tell you that the third sort are liars, because simply, it is a scientific impossibility not to pee when you're in the water. It's called immersion diuresis, when you're in the water, surfing, swimming, diving or whatever, the difference in temperature and increase in pressure from the water forces blood vessels in your extremities to contract, pushing blood to your core and to cut a long story short hormones make your kidneys produce more urine, thus you need to pee.

Now there is nothing wrong with it, hell on a chilly winters days I'll start the warming process in the car park (this is not scientific, just personal preference). But it is good to get one out early, and here is why - Urine isn't as damaging to your suit as you are led to believe, modern neoprene and glues don't suddenly start disintegrating under a whizz or two. What is far more worrying is developing rashes as urine has prolonged contact with your skin. So peeing early gives you a nice warm boost, then you have the whole session to wash it out.The warmth thing as well is another falsehood, it is a temporary pep up, but doesn't last and using fluid does reduce core temperature as well, so really peeing is fine, but keep it to a minimum, and enjoy those little bursts of warmth. 

Oh and do wash your wetsuit out, I have more than one friend whose surfing nickname is pissy boy for this very reason...

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