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Hand poured, small batch and made with love by the sea in Hossegor, The Nomad Society
create scents for your home that take you on a sensory trip. We talk to Danielle
about the story behind her beautiful candles -

Great Name, how did it come about and why hand poured candles?

I guess as I’ve been abit of a nomad myself. I felt it reflected my past and my love of travelling. The Nomad Society is based in Hossegor, South West France a small surf town. It’s a very transitional place and you meet people from all over the world so it also reflects where I currently live too.

Why candles? Well after designing jewellery for 8 years I fancied a change and it co in sided with my husband opening a surf concept store here in Hossegor. I cannot imagine not being creative and I thought how hard can it be……

What brought you to the SW France?


Does living by the ocean influence your candle making style?

I’ve always lived by the sea and couldn’t imagine not doing so. It’s where I feel happiest and the most connected.  My scents aren’t directly influenced by the ocean but rather the whole Basque area. I have taken inspiration from hikes in the Pyrenees, which was the starting point for No 7 // Gypsy Soul. Although No 3 //  Wanderlust is a homage to wintry walks along the beach, its one of my favourite scents. 

How important is sustainability and natural products in your brand?

I knew from the start that I only wanted to work with a plant based wax. Two reasons being: I’d rather work with a clean burning natural wax over paraffin any day.  Soya wax burns slower and longer as it burns cooler. Generally speaking a soya wax candle will last longer than a paraffin one. 

Our scents are also all vegan friendly. We love to see photo’s of how our amber glass jars have been repurposed with a new life.  Where possible we have tried to seek out the most natural component to work with. Clean burning cotton wicks, eco friendly soya base for our diffusers. We use non GM soya and its all from a renewable source. But we need to work on area’s of our packaging but try to use recycled packaging, cardboard and bio degradable chips.  Although we do have to use bubble wrap sometimes. 

How do you come about your scent combination in your candles?

All 12 scents are inspired by the spirit of travel.  For me scent is a story.  Whether it’s No 9 // Smoke & Wood taking you back to the woods.  Inspired by a camping trip in the Pyrenees and that smokey charred smell you only get from a campfire.  To No 5 // Mojave Rain which captures the essence of an explosion of scent after the rain falls in California. The Nomad Society encapsulates my love of travel.  Designed for those that roam, the wild at heart, gypsy souls, wanderers and free spirits.  

You're very entrepreneurial, are there plans for anything new with The Nomad Society?

I’d love to be able to distill my own essential oils – that’s the dream. But for the moment I love what I do and being able to create something with these fair hands that hopefully other people cherish as much as I do. I can’t ask more than that. 

The Nomad Society scented candles are available in the Esker Store

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