House Rules: ‘Not your typical surf shack’

Words - Esker
Photos - Lucy Cheveralls Photography
Styling + Art Direction - Emma Nunn 

Hannah's house5528-testjpg

Surfers generally are quite a creative bunch. Individuality and authenticity seem to be part of their lifestyle. Is it the travel, the connection to nature or just the freedom of riding a wave that instilled a certain style? Quite often this is reflected in the spaces they occupy and being an interior stylist and surfer, I wanted to capture that in some way.

One of the first homes that sprang to mind was that of Sam and Hannah Lamiroy. Sam had been a pro surfer on the QS for about 10 years and I had seen glimpses of their home on Hannah's fabulous Instagram feed @winklamiroy They had spent many years traveling the world chasing waves picking up a style of their own along the way. 

Hannah is a very creative lady and their family home certainly reflects that. Her initial response when I asked her if we could photograph her house was 'its not your typical surf shack'... This was exactly what I wanted to hear. I have seen my fare share of 'perfect cliches' and I didn't want that. I was more interested in the authenticity of ones personal space and its individuality and the stories attached. 

Hannah, Sam and their children Huxley and Raphael live in a cottage nestled in a tiny Cornish village within cycling distance to the Atlantic Ocean. From the outside it appears to be like your average fishermen's retreat. Painted white, surrounded by a beautiful old stone wall. Inside however, was a visual feast of family heirlooms, vintage finds and souvenirs with memories that Hannah and Sam had collected over the years. 

Their non formulaic, fun style and no rules attitude was refreshing and worked so well together. Natural textures along side polished marble and well worn leather, old imperfect furniture with character and artwork with a nod to surf and skate. Superb oversized screen shots from Dogtown and an illustration by Keith Haring for the Surfers Paradise Surf Club on the Belgium coast where Sam was from.

Favourites of mine were an old school art cupboard which had been covered with paint over the years. Hannah had bought it from ‘up country’ somewhere and was great storage for all the kids 'bits and bobs', the huge letters in the dining room spelling out ‘Salut’ (Hannah thought they were old McDonalds signage with the 'n' turned upside down) and the freestyle kids drawings on the pantry door…

What I liked about them were the stories they told, the lives they had seen, the imperfections. This was the case for many pieces in Hannah and Sam's home. All of them carefully considered with a narrative in some way and a reflection of their personalities without being too precious.

Hannah’s newest exciting venture is a beautiful Rose Gin from Tinkture. Find out more about it here: We are Tinkture

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