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Steven Burke, AKA Lucky Lefthand is probably best known in the surfing world for his incredible depictions of the Les Landes forests seen as murals around Hossegor & Seignosse. However whilst these are his most visible works, there is much more to Steven, he is a graphic designer by trade and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, but as you’ll see it’s the forests around his home that intrigue him most - 

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Hello Steven! Where are you from and how did you end up in the south west of france?

I’m born in Germany, went to different cities in France and Germany, and I ended up here when I met my wife Fanny, she is from Seignosse.

Where does the name Lucky Left Hand come from?

I’m left handed and I feel lucky, so simple as that...

Is there much of a creative scene in south west france?

Sure, a lot of creative people doing there own thing. Due to the lack of jobs in the area but also because I think that Les Landes are very inspiring, with a wild touch.

The Les Landes landscape is obviously a big influence on your work do you spend a lot of time in nature?

Yes I spend a lot of time in the forest, much more than at the beach. It is a different kind of energy.

Your most recognisable work for people visiting Hossegor is the giant mural in the centre, how did that come about? Canvas, wood, walls, fabric, print, ceramics. Do you have a preferred surface to work on?

This mural was done after an idea we had with my friend Morgan at StepArt. We teamed up with the Mairie, and I painted it during 9 days. I like all kind of surface, especially if the surface has a past, something to say that i can respond to.

What/who are your influences and how did working with Takashi Murakami have an influence on your style?

It gave me a large vision of art and the business around, and a particular look and practice concerning the painting itself.

Is your art your day job or is it the passion that lives along your graphic design?

They are both my day jobs, and as for me they are complementary in many ways. I can easily switch from one to an other.

There is a lot of humour in your design, does this reflect your personality?

Certainly. As an artist I would rarely criticise something, always putting the positive forward, and humour helps a lot in that direction.

You can see more of Stevens awesome work here:

Bio photo: Benjamin JeanJean

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