House Rules: The house that trash built

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If you haven't seen North Of The Sun, then you really should make some time for it.
It's a tale of modern day surf adventure and environmentalism, and it all revolves around
a bay in the Arctic and this little shack -


The hike was not as brutal as I thought. The wind was bitter, and the pass over the saddle separating the island side and this bay was knee deep in snow. I'd left on this expedition borderline broke, so I was doing this in a pair of trainers that had cost me £15, it was a less than an ideal situation. We were hiking in for the surf, but I suspected this was the bay that Inge Wegge had filmed the classic North of the Sun. I wasn't sure though. An hour into a pitiful surf, the onshore wind and weak swell dribbling out of the Arctic, I just couldn't figure out where their hobbit hole was. Scanning the rugged cliff base revealed nothing obvious, in fact it wasn't until I was almost on top of it that the perfectly round door appeared.


It was nearly perfect, wedged between two huge rocks, a tiny chimney just poking out through the turfed roof. Inside and I could start to see how the pair of Norwegian's could have survived. Even now in April the air outside was only just nudging above freezing, but inside, minus a fire, it was noticeably so much warmer. The boys had it dialled as well, a large rock protects the cabin from the north and everything else is so well insulated. Inside and everything is made from something off the beach, it is truly an incredible achievement and one that travellers can now also enjoy, it seemed a Frenchman was living there whilst we called in, we didn't see him, but he had left a note. 

Here’s the link to the Vimeo on demand page to view North of the Sun – LINK.

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