Make do & Mend: Patagonia Worn Wear

Words + Photos - Esker

Got a ripped suit? Maybe a jammed zipper, or a taped seam coming unglued?
Then Patagonia have you covered, it matters not if it’s one of theirs,
a rival brand or an old failing wetsuit they will do their best to repair,
and get it back on your back and you in the water -


It doesn’t end there either, if you’ve got a jacket or a pair of trousers in the same state, they have a skilled seamster to sort that out for you as well. Worn Wear, is the future, too often we damage an other wise perfectly good bit of gear, but because of time, lack of repairers or shear laziness it simply means we save up and buy another one, when really the one we already have can be fixed and live on for years. This ethos is one that is growing, yes Patagonia have pioneered the operation, but it is inspiring a raft of smaller ideas, which is the idea.


This tour around the US and Europe with the shed on wheels is obviously a marketing idea, but it’s also a piece of activism which is growing into other brands (Finisterre for example have been offering free repair of their own gear for years), and also small artisan seamsters and seamstresses are popping up to cater for the reuse generation, which is thankfully growing.

The message is that it’s OK to buy ethically produced new stuff, but don’t throw it away when it gets a few Knicks along the way, get it fixed, especially when it comes to high ticket, high production costs and high cost items on the environment, they almost always have a much longer life expectancy than we give them.


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