Esker is a community passionate about the ocean, creative living & the environment -

Our store is a collection of some of our favourite things and a reflection of our communal beliefs. Less is definitely more in our world. The products we have in store are all handcrafted in small batches - along with the odd vintage find - so we hope you cherish them for years and enjoy them in the knowledge that we have sourced them responsibly, direct from crafts men and women who are passionate about what they do. We want to set a benchmark when it comes to sustainability, ethics and quality in our store.

Our stories are a window into our community - from conversations with those artisans, designers and makers we’re lucky enough to work with, to moments of beauty from our own experiences, plus tales about interesting people and places we know you'll love. We have been connected to the ocean for decades and want to share that love and passion with everyone.

Esker is the brain child of Emma Nunn, an interior stylist & art director with a passion for the ocean and surfing. Having worked in design & interiors for many years, Emma became despondent by the amount of poor quality, mass produced interior products that came and went from season to season. Esker is her response to this fast fashion in a hope to help prevent further landfill and ocean degradation.

Esker -
Literally an Esker is a subglacial river deposit, which as glaciers/ice sheets retreat remain as elevated winding paths in the wilderness.

We are your Esker, a winding path through life, surf, the ocean and beautiful items for your home. Like an Esker we don’t form a direct route, but one that is full of layers of interest and convoluted enough to keep you coming back for more.